Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Advantages of The Internet for Getting Information

Technology, especially the Internet, has greatly improved the way we get information. The Internet has opened more database to students around the world. Information comes at the speed of the Internet which is to say nanoseconds. Some students can stay at home and do research on their computers. According to "Advantages Of Using the Internet" from Bandar Seri Begawan, "Advantages are getting information, communicating with anyone inside and outside the country, meeting new friends through chatting, opening a file through http or copying from the Internet and going online shopping". Therefore, there are three advantages of the Internet for getting information. With the help of technology, students can get more information, get it more quickly and get it more conveniently.

The Internet and the World Wide Web has opened every major library and more database to students around the world. Information comes not only in print from, but also in multimedia. You can get audio and video data. You can get information about events in the past as well as events that unfold as you watch your computer monitor.

Information comes at the speed of the Internet which is to say in nanoseconds. You can type in a few key words in your search engine, and the engine will search the entire "www" to find information on your topic. You do not have spent hours pouring over over card catalogs in the library and looking at the shelves. This research is done for you instantly on the web.

It is certainly more convenient to sit at home and search on your computer. Your computer is open 24-hours a day, while a library or office which has limited hours and limited resources. You can do research while you eat breakfast. What could be more convenient?

Technology, especially the Internet, has certainly changed the quantity and quality of the information we get. The speed and convenience of a computer helps students learn more and more quickly.


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James Ron said...

Hi there,

This blog post seems to be very old to me but still the information you shared is very informative and quite correct. Internet and Internet marketing has changed the way the world used to work.

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The Internet can be a useful information source for the experienced and discriminating user; however, there exist many dangers for students wanting to do research on the World Wide Web. The number one danger in the minds of most teachers, librarians, and other information professionals is the validity of the information retrieved via search engines.

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